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How to Help: Non-Profit Organizations Supporting People Affected by War in Israel

Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region: Fund to assist Sacramento’s Sister City of Ashkelon, Israel.

Barzilai Medical Center: Barzilai is a hospital in Ashkelon, near Gaza, which is treating civilian victims and soldiers injured in combat.

Magen David Adom: Donate to support paramedics, EMTs, first responders and first-aid providers on the ground in Israel.

Friends of the IDF: Authorized to gather charitable donations to provide for the health, welfare and education of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces.

NATAL: Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War. This Israeli organization offers mental health treatment around PTSD and other trauma related to war and terror.

Jewish Federations of North America: Emergency Fund for Israel.

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Brothers and Sisters in Arms: Grassroots effort to accumulate and distribute aid from within Israel. All donations go toward procuring and distributing supplies to civilians and security personnel in the conflict zones.

Assuta Ashdod Hospital: Ashdod’s hospital, providing quality medical care to residents in Israel’s southern periphery. Located 16 miles from the Gaza Strip.

Hadassah Emergency Crisis Fund: For the purchase of supplies, medical equipment and other indispensable needs.

Israeli Children’s Fund: Providing Israeli children who have lost one or both parents to acts of terrorism the security and stability they need to thrive.

Resources for Talking to Kids

We at The Federation know these last days have been scary and challenging with Israel at war. Many of us have personal connections to family, friends and others in Israel and feel the need to support them, while simultaneously, support our communities as we all try to navigate this difficult time. The following are some suggestions for resources in support of this:

This provides a guide to helping children with trauma. Many adults (parents, teachers, clergy, etc.) want to know how to talk to kids and teens about what is going on and how to support them. The Child Mind Institute has many great resources including their guide Helping Children Cope After a Traumatic Event” which can be found here.

The Institute has also created a guide for Hebrew-speaking families to support their children through trauma which can be found here.

Sacramento Jewish Community stands together to condemn devastating war against Israel declared by terrorist group Hamas

The savage war by the terrorist organization, Hamas, launched against Israel on Oct. 7 has quickly become Israel’s most serious security breach since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, 50 years ago this weekend. Hundreds have been murdered and scores more have been injured or taken. Among the communities attacked, Sacramento’s Sister City, Ashkelon, suffered a deadly indiscriminate rocket barrage.

Barry Broad, the President of the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region, said “The Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region stands unconditionally with Israel. We believe the State of Israel has not only the right, but the obligation to defend its people from these murderous attacks by all means necessary.

“Israel has been attacked with rockets raining on its cities and town and terrorists invading its neighborhoods. We here in the Sacramento region mourn for the hundreds of dead and wounded and stand in solidarity with the Israeli people as they defend themselves,” said Jason Weiner, chair of the Jewish Community Relations Council.

The Jewish Federation of Sacramento Region is a philanthropic, non-profit 501c3 organization that provides educational, cultural, and social services programs within the Jewish Community locally and around the world.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of the Sacramento Region, a division of Jewish Federation, mobilizes the Sacramento Jewish Community and amplifies our collective voice on issues of vital importance, based on core American values, and a living commitment to Jewish ethics of social justice.

Federation Statement on the Situation in Israel – Oct. 7, 2023.

As you are no doubt aware, Israel is now in a state of war with terrorists in Gaza. Scores have been murdered, many more injured or taken hostage, and there is no sign of a respite from the violence. As we once again face the reality of these horrors being perpetrated against the people of Israel, we want to make a few things clear.
The Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region stands unconditionally with Israel. We believe Israel has not only the right, but a duty to defend itself from these murderous attacks by all means necessary. As the violence continues, we pray for the safety of the hostages and for their rescue by the IDF. We also want to acknowledge and express our appreciation for the outpouring of unequivocal support for Israel by the United States government and numerous other governments around the world.
As always, we will continue to provide updates as they become available.
For additional information, join the Jewish Federations of North America for a live webinar on Sunday, October 8, at 9 a.m. Pacific. To register and join the webinar, click here.
In addition, JFNA has launched an emergency fund in support of Israel. To share your support, click here. You may also support Israel directly with support for AFMDA. To do so, click here.
We pray for our sister city Ashkelon and for all the people of Israel.
Barry Broad
President, Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region
Jason Weiner
Chair, Jewish Community Relations Council
Pam Herman
Interim CEO, Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region
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