Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application
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JFS Volunteer Agreement

In offering my services as a volunteer for Jewish Family Service (JFS), a program of the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region, I understand the responsibilities that I am undertaking.

In joining JFS as a volunteer, I agree to:

● Be responsible for full client confidentiality as described in the Confidentiality Agreement.

● Have ongoing contact with the Community Social Worker regarding my volunteer work.

● Attend at least one Volunteer Training session.

● Work under the supervision of the assigned staff member.

● Not transport a JFS client in either my vehicle or the client’s vehicle. This applies to leisure activities, medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc.

● Bring any issues regarding work that I do, and any concerns that I have, to the Community Social Worker or appropriate Federation staff member.

● Not spend any of my own personal funds, or accept a client’s funds, during my placement with a JFS client.

JFS Confidentiality Agreement

Confidential information includes:

● The fact that a person is or has been a client of Jewish Family Service, a program of the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region

● Any information given to the volunteer in confidence by the client.

● Any information about the client, his/her issues and treatment or contact with the agency

Confidentiality does not include:

● Suspected child abuse, elder abuse or intent to physically harm another person or oneself. The Community Social Worker should be called immediately if these issues arise. Our agency is a mandated reporter of these issues.

Basic principles of confidentiality:

● All information divulged by a client to an agency representation is held in the strictest of confidence; clients of Jewish Family Service are guaranteed this protection by California State Law.

● The volunteer shares information about a client only with the Community Social Worker.

● A volunteer should not communicate confidential information to anyone outside of the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region.

● Breach of confidentiality is sufficient grounds for termination of volunteer staff.

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