• Individual tickets to each theme of films can be purchased at the Crest Theatre (see below for details)

    • Theme 1: Strings of a People: The Jewish Violin

    • Theme 2: Love is Love

    • Theme 3: Welcome Aboard: Becoming Jewish

    • Theme 4: Perils of Identity and Asylum

    • Theme 5: Discovering Family

    • Theme 6: Uncovering Artistic Treasures

    • Theme 7: Israeli-Palestinian Dynamics

    • Theme 8: Fulfilling a Promise

    • Theme 9: Family and Faith in Conflict

  • Day Passes will be sold for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as Full Festival passes.

  • The Saturday Pass includes admission to the pre-film reception. We assume that everyone who plans to attend the reception will also be attending the film, so the Crest didn’t see any reason to sell tickets to just the reception. You can skip the reception and just buy a ticket for the film.

  • The Sunday morning film, The Samuel Project, is free to all students, teachers and teachers’ assistants.

  • If you become a sponsor at the Friend of the Festival level, you will receive a promo code for a discount on ticket and pass purchases made at the Crest Theatre box office or online.

  • Film Festival Supporters who sponsor at the $150 level and above receive festival passes based on their level of support.

  • Film Festival Supporters who purchase ads in the Festival Program also receive festival passes based on their level of support.

  • Seniors 62 and up and Students receive a discount on purchasing tickets and passes.

  • Groups of 10 or more people can purchase group tickets to individual film themes, day passes, or festival passes. Group ticket rates are the same as Friend of the Festival rates. Group tickets must be purchased in advance. They will not be available during the days of the festival.


  • Crest Theater Box Office, 1013 K Street, Sacramento

  • Crest Theater Website

  • Contact the Crest Theater at 877-987-6487

  • Tickets purchased on line or by phone are subject to convenience fees and service fees.

  • The Crest Box Office is open from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday to Friday, and approximately 90 minutes before any show that is taking place at the theater.

If you are planning to be a Sponsor or Advertiser, please set that up BEFORE
you purchase tickets so that you get the right discount or complementary admission.

A full festival pass is valid for all films during all three days, as well as the Saturday night reception.

For individual movies and day passes in the table below, please click the "Purchase" box below for direct links to individual ticket sales at or click the "More Info" box for direct link to the Crest Theater's web page for that movie.

Thursday, March 7

Thursday Pass

Thursday Pass provides admission to Groups 1 and 2.

Thursday, March 7

6:30pm - 8:35pm

Theme 1: "Strings of a People: The Jewish Violin"

Feature film, Yitzhak, preceded by the short film, Joe's Violin, and followed by a performance by violinist, Lilian Lu, and accompanist, Adrian Pu. The concert will be introduced by Michael Neumann, Artistic Director, Sacramento Youth Orchestra.

Thursday, March 7

8:55pm - 10:25pm

Theme 2: “Love is Love”

Featuring the film Family in Transition, preceded by the short film, A Kiss is a Kiss. This program will be led by David Heitstuman, Executive Director of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

Saturday, March 9

Reception 6:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday Pass

Saturday Pass provides admission to Program Reception and Films in Themes 3 and 4. Reception catered by Aharona Catering. Music performed by the KlezMeerkats.

Saturday, March 9

7:15pm - 9:40pm

Theme 3: "Welcome Aboard: Becoming Jewish"

Feature film, Sammy Davis, Jr: I’ve Gotta Be Me, preceded by short film, Welcome And…Our Condolences.

Saturday, March 9

9:55pm - 11:30pm

Theme 4: "The Perils of Identity and Asylum"

Feature film is Shelter.

Sunday, March 10

Sunday Pass

Sunday Pass provides admission to Groups 5 through 9.

Sunday, March 10

10:00am - Noon

Theme 5: “Discovering Family”

Featuring the film, The Samuel Project. Free admission to students, teachers and teacher assistants. Tickets still required so we can keep a count of attendees.

Sunday, March 10

12:30pm - 2:15pm

Theme 6: “Uncovering Artistic Treasures”

Featuring the film, Chasing Portraits. Filmmaker Elizabeth Rynecki will lead a post-film discussion, moderated by Donna Apidone of Capital Public Radio.

Sunday, March 10

2:30pm - 4:45pm

Theme 7: “Israeli-Palestinian Dynamics”

Feature film, The 90-Minute War, is preceded by two short films, Open Your Eyes and Across the Line.

Sunday, March 10

5:05pm - 6:42pm

Theme 8: “Fulfilling a Promise”

Featuring the film, The Last Suit.

Sunday, March 10

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Theme 9: “Famiily and Faith in Conflict”

Featuring the film, The Other Story.