About Big Sonia

Standing tall at 4’8″, Sonia is one of the last remaining Holocaust survivors in Kansas City and one of the only survivors there who speaks publicly about her wartime experience. Sonia’s enormous personality and fragile frame mask the horrors she endured. At 15 she watched her mother disappear behind gas chamber doors. Sonia’s teenage years were a blur of concentration camps and death marches. On liberation day, she was accidentally shot through the chest, yet again miraculously survived. Sonia is the ultimate survivor, a bridge between cultures and generations. Her story must never be forgotten.

Big Sonia
Sunday, December 9, 2018
The Center at 2300, 2300 Sierra Blvd., Sacramento
Introduction & Post-Film Discussion by Sonia's son, Morrie Warshawski
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$8 Friends of the Festival & Students
$10 Seniors
$12 Seniors
Free Parking
Sponsors: Lynn & Mike Dean and Judy & Steve Lewis
Co-Sponsors: Karen & Dr. Steve Polansky, Sheiila Wolfe & Chris Drouin, and Linda & Dr. Sidney Yassinger, JCRC, CVHEN, 2G Descendants of Holocaust Survivors

“It will reach into the tender-most part of your heart and touch it as few movies have.”
– Jeffrey Lyons | Lyons Den Radio | WCBS

“A film about history, how we carry it with us, and why it matters”
– Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film

"Structured in a way that bumps the tragic and demoralizing up against the comic and inspirational.”
-Derek Smith, Slant Magazine

“One of the most interesting aspects of this documentary is the second-generation Holocaust survivor’s perspective and the insight into living with intergenerational trauma.”
-Rachel Morrow, Film-Forward